The Science Behind the Brand

Urban Farm – De L’Arta’s “Outdoor Living Laboratory” from theory to practice

De L’Arta’s slogan, ‘Outdoor Living Laboratory’, encapsulates our ethos of both exploring the dynamic exchanges between natural ecosystems and our conscious efforts to use that knowledge in creating viable and sustainable innovations that support them.

The De L’Arta Urban Farm, based in one of the world’s most sustainable urban communities, Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, puts this ethos into practice. It is currently home to our composting facility and where the key ingredients for our skincare products are grown. Our farm in Masdar City currently grows desert natural crops, edible and non-edible crops, as well as an inter-cropping of desert plants with edible plants.

Soil Regeneration - Transforming global waste into food security solutions of the future

De L’Arta has launched its first Soil Regeneration program that converts coffee waste into compost to target the soil problems that limit farming in arid regions. By specifically addressing the issues of arid soil that causes an excess use of fertilizers and watering, De L’Arta’s compost will both reduce the world’s water footprint, as well as the UAE’s waste to landfill. Allowing for locally produced, sustainably sourced products.

With 40% of the earth’s land surface being arid, finding solutions for poor quality arid soils that do not negatively impact the world is important. The water footprint per kg of roasted coffee is 19000 Litres, of which 7 million tons are consumed globally per year. As such, reducing the water footprint of a global commodity can tremendously impact water conservation. If implemented on a larger scale, our project can potentially transform a global waste into a food security solution of the future. In alignment with Abu Dhabi’s vision to reduce waste disposal by 80% in 2030.

Natural Products Extraction Lab

The Natural Products Extraction Lab is where the De L’Arta team withdraws natural ingredients from plants grown in the De L’Arta Urban Farm. The extractions from these plants are then used directly in De L’Arta’s considered product lines, the first of which is a collection in Skincare, [Tq].