Company Overview

De L’Arta innovates from the UAE’s resources to maximise their natural value because of them, not in spite of them. We regenerate, recover and repurpose sustainably, to improve our land, our lives and our economy.

Our Founders

Our founders share a simple belief and passion for kind to the Earth - good for the people science, in everything they do. De L’Arta is the driving force of these efforts and allows both Lina & Saeed to craft innovative sustainable development solutions that cut back on climate change and reverse the damage to our environment, whilst producing products in-line with a Smart City initiative.

Our Supporters

To those who have supported, believed and driven us forward - Thank you.

Our Research

The Science Behind the Brand. Our vision is in line with that of Abu Dhabi 2030, we look to be a major player in supporting the diversification of the UAE’s economy.

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